CAESAR II 2018 (Version 10.00)

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New and extended capabilities have been added to the latest version of CAESAR II, version 10.00 – 2018.
The software has been updated to B31.3-2016, EN-13480 (2016), B31.8-2016, B31.8 Ch VIII 2016.
Other piping and equipment codes support have been updated, like B31.3 Chapter IX (high pressure piping) and  Kouatsu-Gas Hoan Kyoukai KHK level II seismic analysis.

Is now possible to identify supports, by using the new support tag field in the extended Restraint auxiliary panel, where two additional restraint definitions have been added. In this way all the six degrees of freedom of a support can be described in one single panel.
A tag hanger field has been added to the Hanger input list as well.

Very interesting is the Element name or in the Piping Input Window or in the Elements list input.
You can choose to show supports and hanger tags and element name in the graphic view.
Other two fields have been added to hangers and support lists, in order to read and import data from PCF files and to export through output reports and MDB output tables.
This topic will be discussed in the second part of this article.

A number of important enanchements in Piping Input:

  • new find and replace function (in the right-click menu) added in the List dialog.
  • when a pipe element in deleted is no more necessary to reset the coordinates
  • is now possible to display the North arrow in both Classic Piping Input and Static Output Processor
  • Previous and Invert options
  • Added Mill Tolerance icon and new Mill Tolerance options
  • When load cases are deleted in the Load case editor, the remaining load cases are renumbered after a windows shows the load cases and their dependents that will be deleted or revised.

Mill tolerance and Piping Stress Analysis

“Where does mill tolerance come from?” Does the mill tolerance affects weight, Fy and sustained stress for B31.3?”, “What should be taken as a tolerance on plate? “, “What is the significance of “-12.5% Mill Tolerance”. “What if I check “all case corroded” in Caesar?”. These are samples of questions about mill tolerance found on forums.

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