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Why this website?
Because stress analysis is facing a phase of huge transformations.
Latest regulations and codes adopted in US, EU and worldwide, the desire of technical committees, small and big fitters, engineeres, majors of energy and governements to design, build and revamp plants that could be more safe and clean in every stage of operation, even when the most abnormal conditions occur (earthquakes, hurricanes, and in every situation, malfunctions,…), are leading stress analysis out of its traditions of simple rules of thumb, where sensibility and experience of the stress engineer plays a key role.
This website wants to get a reference for all engineers and organizations that want to be updated on the latest piping news, new softwares, new trends, new regulations.

Who I am ?
My name is Corrado Vannella and I am a piping stress and support engineer.
During the last years I worked in Mefa ItaliaFoster Wheeler Italiana and Foster Wheeler France, in charge of nuclear, oil and gas, chemical and industrial plants.
I worked and studied in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Lithuania.

How to contact me
phone: +39.329.3173055

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