Global pressure equipment regulations and guidance

Lloyd’s Register has created a Pressure Equipment Regulation map, that covers 70 countries/areas.
By clicking on any of the coloured countries and regions is possible to know what is the “country specific regulation governing the manufacture of pressure vessels, equipment and accessories, having a high level summary and the direct links to governmental websites of countries where available.”
This is a very useful tools to reduce compliance risks and expand in new markets.
As LR writes, since “requirements for a given jurisdiction change from time to time, you should always contact the regulatory body to confirm the accuracy of the requirements summarized” on what this knowledge map.

A deep knowledge of the local pressure regulations is a time-saving key-skill to stand in piping stress analysis engineering market.
Should you find some update to the regulation indicated on the LR map, feel free to add a comment or to contact LR.

LR Pressure regulation knowledge map

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