PCL Gold 4.01: new release of Pipe Stress FE/Pipe

New pipe stress module PCL Gold available in the latest release of FE/Pipe.
PCL Gold can be used in case of friction and other non linerarity convergence issues, to automatically run FEA at intersection, to study pipes with large D/T, in case of multiple load cases, high number of cicles, if we want to automatically run FEA at intersections, if accurate ASME B31.1 and B31.3 i-factor and k-factor has to be calculated, for  acoustically involved vibrations, glass line pipes and refractory line pipes.
Produced by Paulin Research Group, this software does not replace beam-type modeling softwares, but shall be used to investigate the most crytical situations. or when o, when user is not confident with the results of beam-type modeling performed by other softwares.
Should you be in piping stress analysis industry, even if you are not interested in purchasing FE/Pipe, we strongly suggest to have a look at the webinar on PCL Gold, because crytical aspects of piping codes are discussed, including sustained stress, SIF and flexibility factor.
More over there is a very interesting focus on path dependent friction problems.

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